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Personalized advertising experiences will bring more and better customers to your eCommerce business.


When it comes to eCommerce marketing, the customer is king. The days of one-size-fits-all marketing are gone. Now, eCommerce businesses can, through the power of AI, customize their messages to individual consumers based on the data they've collected about them. This innovative new form of marketing is called dynamic advertising (or personalization, depending on who you ask).

Team SI will be with you every step of the way as you venture into dynamic advertising. We specialize in data collection and storage, creating personalized ad content, and ensuring your ads reach those most likely to engage with your product or service. You can trust us to get the best return on your investment through this cutting-edge method.

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How does Dynamic Advertising work?

Chances are high that your eCommerce business has collected tons of first-data about your customers (or potential customers). Dynamic advertising allows you to put that information to work (in a good, safe way).

The first step to implementing personalization is to scour your data for trends and segmentations. Then, you can create personalized ad copy, graphic design and landing pages based upon the observed behavior of your website users. Finally, the delivery of this personalized content results in a dynamic advertising campaign.


Personalizing Your Website with a Dynamic Strategy

Perhaps the best way for eCommerce companies to utilize personalization is through a dynamic website. This approach changes the user's experience based upon their browsing history.

Has the user demonstrated interest in a specific product? That product, alongside similar ones, can be shown on the homepage the next time they visit your site. That's just the beginning of where you can go with a dynamic website! You can customize everything from design features to copy to link strategy based upon the user's preferences.

This personalized user experience greatly increases conversion rates and allows your eCommerce business to skyrocket.


Our Dynamic Delivery Methods



3 Ways to Work With Us

We’ve built long-term relationships with most of our clients, but many started off with a specific need. There are many different arrangements to help our clients and we’d love to discuss options with you.

If you have a mission, deadline, and budget, a project-based engagement with us might be the perfect solution for getting started. Our clients appreciate the flexibility of a project-based relationship to complete an objective or fill an interim marketing role.
Ongoing Engagement
For clients that are looking to improve their performance over an extended duration of time, we establish longer relationships with ongoing services and monthly billing.
Workshops & Training

When working with our strategists, some audits can reveal opportunities for team training or strategic planning workshops. We love helping businesses scale their talent through education.

We also have speakers available for conferences that cover a wide range of marketing topics.



Partner with Team SI to personalize your customers' experiences.


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